Reach over 5 million customers

with a simple and entirely digital solution

How to attract new customers and engage your existing client base


Offer your potential customers the option to receive cashback from shopping with you right in their banking app. Cashback mechanics work based on the motivation of customers for their shopping incentives.

Benefits of cashback for you

No integration needed

Everything is automatic – no need for personnel onboarding processes or IT integration, you only need customers to use their card when paying. You can track the campaign online.

Targeting based on the clients' potential

We know how your customer shops with you and with your competition. Based on this, we define suitable segments to reach out to. We communicate the expected amount of investment needed before the campaign launch.

No costs until customers shop

The cashback cooperation is based on the pay-per-performance model. The total amount of costs (cashback and provision) is known to you beforehand and only arises when the customer actually shops with you.

Gifts + Vouchers

Motivate your current clients to shop with you more frequently and offer them the chance to receive rewards. The only requirement is the onboarding of your employees. Claim to a reward is evaluated from card payments automatically.


The customer is rewarded for shopping with you regularly with a gift.


Voucher works as a regular discount coupon. The customer receives a direct discount on their purchase.

1-Tap Loyalty

Our 1-Tap Loyalty solution is fully digital without obstacles. Customers only need to pay with their credit or debit card.

1-Tap Loyalty

Acquisition of new members to the loyalty programme

All of the banking clients will receive an invitation to join your loyalty programme.

Option to connect and automatically collect rewards when paying by card

If a merchant recognises that a transaction belongs to an existing account in the loyalty programme, the banking app will offer the client to connect the account with one tap. Further collecting of points will happen automatically when paying by card.

Reward pick-up in the banking app

The client's mobile app can generate codes (QR, EAN, text) which can be used at the cash register to collect rewards.

The connection of purchases of unknown customers and targeted communication

The combination of purchases of an individual customer. Based on the analysis of these transactions we can target the communication to customers, who are anonymous from the merchant’s point of view, but are permitted by Dateio to deliver communication through the banking app.