Reward your customers

Connect with your clients and create meaningful customer incentives

The main benefits of a card‑linked marketing programme

Increased amount of mobile app users

Offers from leading brands prompt your customers to use the banking app more frequently.

Higher card payment frequency

Clients are motivated to pay by card more frequently.

Loyal client base

Customers value the benefits that only their bank has to offer.

What makes our solution

  • We partner up with leading brands

    Partnering with merchants that customers encounter on a daily basis (e.g. supermarkets or gas stations) guarantees the usage of provided offers.

  • All of our offers are tailor-made

    By analysing the shopping behaviour of customers we provide personalised promotions. Your clients save money on goods they ordinarily buy.

  • The solution is all set up

    Our simple product with a tangible benefit will strengthen the relationship with your customers and increase loyalty.

Application Moneyback

The total amount of cashback

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