What will our solution bring to you?

Revenue Growth

Acquisition of new clients and increasing the spend of your current ones.

Data-driven decision making

Better understanding of customers' behaviour and your market positioning.


Fully digital solution with no integration needed. Available immediately according to your requirements.

We provide targeted offers
to more than 5 million clients straight to their mobile banking.

Banks share anonymous payment data with us.

We see where and how much clients spend.

We select clients who will find the offer relevant.

You only pay for the customers who actually shop with you.

Dateio mobile applications

Partners who trust us

Video - Knihy Dobrovský
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Knihy Dobrovský

Dateio has brought us many benefits, of which I would like to mention the revenue growth and more importantly the data insight, which we’d never had before. Now that we do, we found out this data can guide us in many aspects and activities of our company. With it, we can go into detail and find out how we’ve acquired new customers. What I enjoy most while working with Dateio is the simplicity both for our employees and for the end consumer paying at the cash register. The simplicity transpires to the communication with the Dateio team too. It has always been lively, without problems, and above all completely comprehensible for us, which is fundamental.

Adam Pýcha, Head of Marketing & E-commerce
Knihy Dobrovský, s.r.o.

Campaigns targeted at new customers

We've been partnered with Dateio ever since the company was founded. One of the main pros for us is the flexibility and professionalism from the Dateio team. Campaigns bring us new customers because of the targeting, which we implement together in regular intervals.

Martin Kučera, Online marketing manager
Pilulka Lékárny a.s.

A new sales channel that works

We've been working with Dateio since 2018 and we will continue to do so. The option to segment targeted audiences is key. Thanks to that we are able to target even those customers who don't shop with us yet. We are able to execute their acquisition. I believe the pool of integrated banks will expand and our reach with it. We also appreciate the dialogue between us and Dateio. Together we always look for the best solution to streamline the campaigns.

Jana Krčková, Marketing Director

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