“It's all in the Data”

Ondřej Knot, CEO

Dateio was founded in 2013, back when Ondřej Knot and Ivan Dovica decided to end their consultancy career and instead explore an unknown area – the analysis of payment data of banking clients.

To this day, the founders still believe that data is the holy grail and that the future belongs to digital. The analysis of transaction data and their usage for product innovation is the foundation for a successful retail business.

Dateio is behind the technology and data-model programmes for leading CEE banks and therefore operates one of the largest platforms for card‑linked marketing in the region.

Dateio helps banks to drive higher activity among their clients and payment card usage while also supporting merchants to drive the life cycle of their customers and the revenue growth in the pay-per-performance model. The company operates as an open platform connecting banks and merchants.

Ondřej Knot, Ivan Dovica

Company Culture

Freedom at work

We believe the best work environment is one that is free from the weight of corporate procedures. Therefore we do not impose 9-5 work hours – starting the day late? Got lunch with a friend? Have a workout class in the middle of the day? No problem, as long as you are on top of your work.

It might seem a little chaotic at times, but it's all systematic chaos!

Fair Communication

We like to shoot straight. Is something off? Are you hungover and can't get to the office? Want to change something about your job? Whatever it is, just bring it up and together we will find a solution.

We want you to feel fulfilled and see purpose in your work.

Friendly Atmosphere

It is often quite busy in the office. Don't expect a few people pinned behind their desktops, we work in an open-space and there's almost 40 of us. When it gets too much, we zone out with headphones in one of the meeting rooms or phone pods. That is why we always choose new colleagues carefully, so they fit into the team well.

Apart from regular team-building events, we like to grab a beer after work, work out together or when there is a special occasion, we pop a bottle of champagne and have cake right in the office.

Want to join our team?

If you haven't found a suitable position but still want to join us, send us your CV and a few sentences as to why you're interested in a career with us to job@dateio.eu.