The Power Lies in Simplicity


Card‑linked marketing is based on the analysis of customer's shopping behaviour. The investment into card‑linked marketing campaign returns in the form of higher spendings and the acquisition of new customers.

The Initial Set-Up of the Cooperation


In the first step, we determine together which customer segment the campaign will target. Dateio prepares the necessary analysis and the cost estimate for the business decision-making process.

Dateio team




Growing revenues

Dateio takes care of every step of the process – from the initial planning, through campaign execution to the delivery of the reward to the end-user.

Personalised offers right in the banking apps of integrated banks. Only targeted clients will know about the offer.

Clients targeting
Functional system without IT integration

System works without further IT integration and only sometimes requires basic employee onboarding.

You will automatically have access to online reports of ongoing campaigns. You can track how many customers came through the campaign and what's their spending.

Access to online reporting
Secure solution

In the event that the client returns the goods, the processes are set up in way that the reward will be returned. So you are not losing anything.

cashback from the customer's point of view

Campaign activation by customers in the application
Payment by credit or debit card at  merchant's shop
Reward for the customer in the form of cashback to their bank account
Campaign activation by customers in the applicationCampaign activation
Payment by credit or debit card at  merchant's shopCard payment
Reward for the customer in the form of cashback to their bank accountPayment of money back to the account